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Origin is a minimalistic theme with responsive layout. The theme supports custom header and background, plus a number of extra settings: link color, typography options, and a nice selection of Google fonts - built into the new WordPress theme customizer. Visit AlienWP.com for more great themes, Get access to customer support and our whole collection of 18 themes for just $59.

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== Changelog == = 0.6 = * Removed Shortcodes.php * Added text domain * Fixed multiple text domains * Changed resposinve menu toggle button size * Removed custom widgets for wordpress defaults * Added theme documentation welcome page to admin = 0.5.8 = * Some dropdown menu CSS tweaks. * New screenshot size - 880x660. * Updated FitVids to the latest version. = 0.5.6 = * Updated Hybrid Core to 1.6. * Minor CSS and PHP fixes to reflect changes in the framework. = 0.5.3 = * Added responsive menu toggle. * Disqus plugin compatibility. * Added style.min.css - minified version of the theme stylesheet. = 0.5 = * Migrated theme settings to the theme Customizer. The old settings entries will be used as a fallback, but please re-save all settings in the Customizer and/or Header as support for legacy settings will be dropped in the future. * Removed the favicon upload option. Simply place favicon.ico in the theme folder instead. * Added support for custom header to replace the old logo upload option. * Updated Hybrid Core to 1.5.2. * Updated the English .po/.mo files. * Minor CSS improvements. = 0.4 = * Added changelog.txt file. * Updated Hybrid Core to 1.4.3. * Tuned the Theme Settings page to adhere to the core WordPress admin styles. * Fixed a jQuery bug preventing the Media Tools button from functioning in the Theme Settings. * Improved Theme Settings - escaped option values and used selected() for select lists. * Removed origin_entry_title_shortcode() from functions.php (not needed anymore). * Added German translation.